Umberto D

I really enjoyed this film, reminded me of the time period of the Great Depression.  To me it exemplifies the power of government over the people.  Umberto was due his pension but was unable to receive it from the government.  I felt bad for him when he couldn’t afford to keep his room in the house, he tried so many ways to get the money and it just didn’t work for him.

To see Citizen Kane where Kane had more money then he knew what to do with and then go to a movie like this were the people are just barely getting by opened my eyes to how lucky some people really are.  The movie opened with Umberto trying to get his pension so I am assuming he had a job for the government and retired, but I just couldn’t be dependent on that.  I know it probably was not easy for him to save money, but today I would.  Our economy today is not in great shape and people are turning to the government much like Umberto did and are being turned away due to the debt our country is in.

I related this movie to present day as well.  Some people here rely on the government and when the government funding is stretched so thin this is what happens.  This was a great movie, it was done really well, especially since about 80% of the time it just involved one character and his little dog.  It didn’t really hit me until the movie was almost over, there was just one main character, and the director had the skill to make that into an entire movie.

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October 2010